Joey Barton Reminds Zlatan Ibrahimovic he has an Ugly Nose

Joey barton mocks Ibrahimovic nose 3  Joey barton mocks Ibrahimovic nose 2Joey barton mocks Ibrahimovic nose  Joey barton mocks Ibrahimovic nose 4

During Le Classique, the derby between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille; Joey Barton, unhappy with an Ibrahimovic challenge felt the need the need to mimick an oversized nose in Ibrahimovic’s’s direction.

Joey’s quite the meanie it seems.


Gone to the Dogs

Millwall celebrate

After beating Luton 3-0, Millwall’s Alan Dunne thought it might be funny to push team mate James Henry into a police dog.

Flashback: Gareth Bale

Sam Odje Sees Red for Nutshots

Don’t Ever Upset David Moyes


Everton manager David Moyes was clearly upset about the performance of referee Lee Mason yesterday as Norwich City scored a late winner against his team. As any child would do, he catches him with the old handshake pull-away.

Carles Puyol

Over the years we’ve all admired the way Carles Puyol commands his defence and has established himself as one of the world’s best defenders both Internationally for Spain & domestically for Barcelona. At the age of 34 is far from being one of the quickest on the pitch. As we see here his cat like reflexes clearly aren’t as sharp as what they once were. Didn’t Barcelona just extend his contract to keep at the club till 2016?

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If You’re Going to Throw a Snowball at Least Hit Your Target


Check out this West Brom fan who threw a snowball at Aston Villa’s Joe Bennett and missed(by quite a distance) during the Midlands derby with West Brom.

Television cameras caught the supporter aiming his shot (from the front row) at the left back during their draw at The Hawthorns on Saturday evening.

You know you’ve made a horrible throw: when the person you’re aiming at doesn’t even notice.


Eden Hazard Sees Red After Allegedly Kicking Ball Boy

Hazard sent off for kicking ball boy

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard receives his marching orders after seeming to kick a ball boy who was attempting to waste time by smothering the ball.

Welsh side Swansea reached their first major English final with a 2-0 aggregate win after the second instalment of their semi-final ended in a dogged 0-0 stalemate.

As Swansea players and fans celebrated, the post-match focus swiftly turned to Hazard who was kicked out after 81 minutes.

Video and pics after the jump…

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Fifa 13 Misses of the Week

Battle of the Left Footed Football Magicans for 2012

messi vs downing

If its making the goalkeeper look silly with a thunderous shot from outside the area or dribbling through the opposition defence before finishing with finesse of a hairdresser you can always count on these two left footed attacking maestros to deliver.

One of them has notched a world record 86 goals for club and country in 2012, while the other has smashed home four goals in cup competitions, including strikes against Oldham football Club and FC Gomel.

Downing has bagged two in the UEFA Europa league something the great Messi has failed to achieve in the highly rated tournament.

In their respective club leagues some say it was probably down to luck that Messi eclipsed the highly rated Englishman by 56 goals in 2012.

Which star do you think shone brighter in 2012?