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Throwback Thursdays: Sinisa Mihajlovic FreeKick Hatrick

Sinisa Mihajlovic, the Serbian left-footed free kick specialist who knew to combine power, accuracy and swerve all together. He made freekicks seem  like penalties. He holds the record for the most free kick goals in Serie A history (27). In his Lazio days he managed to score a hatrick of free-kicks. A recorded feat that hasn’t been matched yet.

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Throwback Thursdays: Bafana Bafana Kappa Kit

Throwback Thursdays: The Divine Ponytail

Italian forward Roberto Baggio  also known as ‘The Divine Ponytail‘, because of his unique hairstyle. Widely Regarded as one of the finest footballers of all time Baggio won both the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year in 1993. Roberto Baggio starred for Italy in three World Cups but left each one empty-handed.

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Throwback Thursdays: TKZee ft Benni McCarthy – Shibobo

Throwback Thursdays: Ronaldinho vs England World Cup 2002

Throwback Thursdays: Nike Ad – Good vs Evil

For the build up to England’s Euro 96′  Nike released this advert. It stared then Nike ambassadors; Paolo Maldini, Luis Figo, Patrick Kliuvert, Ronaldo, Ian Wright, Jorge Campos and Eric Cantona  taking on demonic forces of evil.

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Throwback Thursdays:The Scorpion Kick

Wembley Stadium 1995, international friendly between England & Colombia.

England’s Jaimie Redknapp takes a shot at the Colombian goal, the keeper René Higuita lets the ball pass over his head, then launched himself into a sort of swallow dive, flicking his heels up  to connect with and clear the ball.

The commentator covering the game spoke for everyone who witnessed it when he described it as the most most remarkable piece of goalkeeping he  had ever seen.

Throwback Thursdays: The Maradona Warm Up

Throwback Thursdays: Nike Mercurial R9

The begining of lightweight boots.

Debuted in France 98 by Ronaldo (The original) the Nike Mercurial R9’s were released in three colour schemes, Silver/Yellow/Blue, Black/Silver and Black/Blue.

The R9 was the first boot to use entirely synthetic materials for it’s construction, this resulted in what was probably the lightest boot available at the time. Another feature was that the blue part that snaked around the boot was coated in a sticky substance. This, in theory, would help give closer ball control and swerve when striking the football.

Due to its lightweight, the boot was highly preferred by strikers and wingers looking to get an edge over their opponent. This has been the case ever since. The R9 set the precedent for all the newest lightweight boots that you see the current superstars in, from Messi in his Adidas F50’s to Cristiano Ronaldo in the newest form of the Nike Mercurials.

Throwback thursdays: Adidas Predator 94′

The original Adidas Predator was made of leather. It featured rubber ridges. It only came in one color, black with white stripes and red accents. This color scheme is now known as the main one for all predators.

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